Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Necklace

Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Necklace

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  • ūüĆĻ Pendant Size: 1"*1.7" (2.5cm*4.3cm)
  • ūüĆĻ Rose is housed in a mini glass terrarium
  • ūüĆĻ Necklace length: 23.6" (60cm) long with an extension of 2" (5cm)

The Story of The Enchanted Rose..

When the Beast was a handsome prince, an old lady and came to his castle seeking shelter and safety from the storm, and offered this very rose to him.

The narcissistic prince sneered at the paltry gift and turned her away because of her haggard appearance. She warned him not to judge her based on appearance for true beauty was found within. When he did not heed her warning, she revealed her true form: a beautiful enchantress. 

Seeing that there was no compassion in the prince's heart, she punished him by casting a spell. The prince metamorphosed into a beast, manifesting his fading humanity and cold-hearted bestiality. All who dwelt within the castle became commodities. Such objectification possibly reflects the manner in which the prince's servants were viewed and treated: as 'things' to be used.

The enchantress left him the rose, promising him that it would bloom until his twenty-first year: If he could learn to love and be loved in return before the last petal fell, the spell would be broken. If he failed, he would be doomed to remain a beast and all his servants would remain antiquated objects forever. 

Loneliness was the most painful punishment for the Beast, and the enchanted rose served as a reminder of his selfishness and cruelty. 

Happy Customer Reviews:

Truly enchanting! Has a magical quality and the little enchanted mirror lends a nice touch to the necklace.¬† ūüĆĻ 14K Gold Plated ChainūüĆĻ ‚≠ź¬†‚≠ź¬†‚≠ź¬†‚≠ź¬†‚≠ź - Melissa Wyatt (Oshawa, Canada)


I love this necklace very much! It really is very pretty! ūüĆĻ Antique Bronze Plated ChainūüĆĻ ‚≠ź¬†‚≠ź¬†‚≠ź¬†‚≠ź¬†‚≠ź - Janelle Sparks (Sydney, Australia)¬†


So beautiful... I got this and the Mrs. Potts. & Chip tea set for my Disney loving daughter and she adores¬†them so much! Thank you!!¬† ūüĆĻ 14K Gold Plated ChainūüĆĻ ‚≠ź¬†‚≠ź¬†‚≠ź¬†‚≠ź¬†‚≠ź ¬†- Heather Williams (Newport, United Kingdom)¬†

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