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Questions You May Have About Your Order


Where is my order, and when will it arrive?

I'm given a tracking number, but the tracking system no longer updates my shipment status. Surely your company must be tracking these orders!

I placed an order for several items, but I only received a part of my order. Where is the rest of my order?

Order Issues

I didn't receive my order and I want a replacement/refund.

Payment & Confirmations

Why does my bank statement show that I'm charged more for the item(s) that I paid for?

I didn't receive an order confirmation email and/or shipping confirmation email.

I didn’t realize I have to pay customs duty charges to receive my shipment.

Returns & Exchanges

I ordered a pair of shoes, but it doesn't fit me. How do I request a size exchange?

I received my order, but I'm not 100% happy with it. I would like a replacement or refund.