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Teacher Themed Sneakers for Men - Turquoise

Size Guide
Sizing Chart for Men's Sneakers
 UK US European Length (CM)
4.5 5 38 24
5.5 6 39 24.5
6.5 7 40 25
7 7.5 41 26
8 8.5 42 26.5
9 9.5 43 27.5
9.5 10 44 28
10.5 11 45 29
11.5 12 46 30
12.5 13 47 31
13.5 14 48 32
Length refers to foot length (measure from your back heel to your front toe of the foot - not the shoe).



 UK US European Width (CM)
4.5 5 38 9.5
5.5 6 39 9.7
6.5 7 40 9.9
7 7.5 41 10.1
8 8.5 42 10.3
9 9.5 43 10.5
9.5 10 44 10.7
10.5 11 45 10.9
11.5 12 46 11.1
12.5 13 47 11.3
13.5 14 48 11.5
Shoe width is measured by taking the length along the widest portion of the shoe (usually across the ball of the foot).
Turquoise (Black)
Turquoise (White)
US Size (MEN)

Teacher Sneakers for Men - Turquoise

Not Found in Stores - LIMITED EDITION - Made to Order! 

Are you a teacher? If so, you'll love these teacher shoes!

Not only are these teacher themed trainers incredibly cute, they're also very lightweight and super duper comfortable! They make the perfect fun shoes for long hours of walking and standing as you go about your day at school.

The design of these sneakers are made to be so comfortable and lightweight that many of our customers (who are nurses working 10-12 hour shifts) really love our bestselling nurse sneakers!

Now, you don't have to sacrifice style for function. Get the best of both worlds with these sneakers... and psstt.... be prepared to get at least 20 compliments on the first day you wear them!

  • Lightweight construction with breathable mesh fabric for maximum comfort and performance.
  • Lace-up closure for a snug fit.
  • High quality EVA sole for traction and exceptional durability.
  • Slip-proof with grooves on the soles to minimize the risk of slipping on wet surfaces - this allows liquid to escape quickly from the base of your shoes so that your soles always come in contact with the ground with each step you take. There are also very tiny traction cleats for extra grip! 

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